Seek And Discover Diversified Lifestyles At Maison Shanghai
The Fashionable Lifestyle Show Debut In SWEECC This September


At present, more and more people are willing to endow each of his space with more inner feelings, reasons and ideological appeals. Hence, home furniture and décor becomes an interpretation of the house owner in form. People in such lifestyle-oriented era can easily make their own particularities personified, artistic and themed.

MAISON SHANGHAI is kind of inspired show that you cannot miss. It keeps abreast with the times and catches the hottest trends of home lifestyle. It is where you can find home fashion blending with ancient past and cool future. In this city with developed economy and broad horizon, suit and cheongsam is bound to coexist. Oriental and Occidental cultures integrate here in Shanghai where in harmony just like Eileen Chang addressed in cheongsam studying A Dream of Red Mansions while writing in English.

MAISON SHANGHAI takes up three halls with four themes in SWEECC Pudong: Fashion, Living, Cosy and Innovation. What to see here is not mere “furniture”, “home decoration”, “solid wood” nor “fabrics” but the solutions of different life forms and different personification.

R. G. F. (Booth No.:H1G28)
R.G.F. is reputed as one of the most beautiful home furnishing stores in Shanghai and a petty bourgeoisie holy land. Besides the unique industrial, modern and luxurious court styled furniture pieces and the popular Scandinavian furniture, there are also many interesting small objects brought back from traveling by the store owner. With delicate decoration in the small garden backyard, R.G.F. pervades idle, comfortable and casual flavor under attitude of “Master of my own life”. That’s why R.G.F. could be the frequent visitor of the fashion magazines and become the place where many stars shoot blockbusters.



ElléMORE (Booth No.: H1B20)
Although the furniture of ElléMORE comes from the faraway Europe, yet the pursuit of Oriental aesthetics can be felt through the exquisite display. One table with one chair and one teapot with one cup are displaced in a careful and considerate way, showing elegance through peacefulness and subtlety with sufficient sense of space. It totally accords to the tendency of aesthetic art with Oriental significance and shows the idea of “International Orient”, its home furnishing culture, in an implicit way. Friends who hesitate between the Euramerican fashion and the archaic Chinese charm can seek for the perfect solution at ElléMORE.



Taobao Jiyoujia (Booth No.: H1A01)
When the similar exquisitely decorated houses and the unchangeable large piece of furniture meet various “knickknacks” for decoration, a kind of fantastic visual effect is produced.

How to turn the still space to the art pavilion for sense? How can you find such “knickknacks”? Who helps you match? On the platform of Jiyoujia, consumers can not only explore the decoration enlightenment, choose designers and decoration companies, but also purchase the furniture, home textiles and home decorations and supplement general merchandise. Jioujia provides a kind of life mode that combines both experience and procurement.



From 8th to 11th September 2016, you’re also expecting to meet and communicate with quite a few interior design masters at MAISON SHANGHAI in SWEECC Pudong.

张祥镐Zhang Xianghao (Booth No.: H1B15)
Designer, Taiwan
His design works of residential space—Hermit, won the Germany IF Design Prize in 2015.



郑仕梁Ivan Cheng (H1B16)
Designer, Hong Kong
Representative design works: Hilton Hotel & Resort Hangzhou and Marriott Hotel Chongqing