Design, That’s MINE – Furniture China 2015-Design Exhibition

As wide acclaim from the industry is received for the praise of design conducted by Furniture China, the colorful design activities promoted by the exhibition organizers make the city Shanghai full of design energy during the exhibition period during 9-12 September. To extend such design brand and competitiveness, in 2015, the exhibition organizers label the unified identity of “That’s MINE” to all kinds of activities and exhibitions dealing with design element, and spread it to the whole city.

Design of Designers (DOD) held in No.3 Hall in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre has become a preferred platform for independent designers entering the market. In this year, nearly 100 designers will exhibit their design products in No.3 Entrance Hall and adjacent Hall E8B, including the designer of Hengyunmuyan selected by APEC Meeting and Ziinlife chased in as well as quite a few new members from design companies. The exhibition area reaches nearly 5,000m2, which is increased by 80% comparing with that of last year. In recent three years, DOD has accumulated nearly 350 independent designers, design companies and original design brand resources, becoming an important platform for communication and trade of Chinese furniture design products.

Hall E8B newly established in this year is adjacent to No. 3 Entrance Hall and Hall E7, and it will also become a main field for the design exhibition of “That’s MINE“. By virtue of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association and China National Interior Decoration Association Annual Award for Outstanding Works, Gold Axe Award Exhibition, Furniture China Previous Innovation Award Winning Exhibition, Excellent Colleges Works Exhibition and Excellent Enterprises Works Exhibition, Hall E8B will be created to be a twinkling design show field, forming a Golden Triangle with absolute light spot together with Hall E8A within No.3 Entrance Hall.

In 2015, the theme of Home Plus Living Concept Pavilion located at Hall E4 is “Concentration”. The exhibition area is designed by the invited designer Wu Zuoguang, and created together with a well-known media CIRCA to present a home furnishing trend zone of “Internet + Exhibition” to the audience. People will be concentrated in one place due to the attraction of one thing or event. Through the concentration of furniture, it attracts design enthusiasts from each field including designers, students, furniture exhibitors and furniture demanders, etc. Everyone gathers in one place with different living style and communication mode converged here. We wish to throw a sprat through the living style on communication advocated by this Living Concept Pavilion and reveal a thought about how to change people’s living style and living attitude by design. In addition, “New Materials Release” zone will be established in this year, taking the form of material plates as guidance of overall trend.

Shanghai Home Design Week which extends 4-day exhibition to one week (9-15 September) is a peripheral design class activity held during the same period of Furniture China; it has been successfully held for three consecutive terms, and in this year, it will be held during the same period of the 5th Shanghai International Interior Design Festival, marching toward the field of “Large Home Furnishing” from “Furniture”, getting through the barriers among furniture, building materials, home decoration, light decoration, soft decoration, art, collection and design by means of design, together to build an orgiastic design feast of large home furnishing!

At the scheduled time, within 7 days, there are a total of more than 100 activities, including furniture exhibition, exhibition hall, furnishing store, concept store, boutique, designer workshop, gallery and cultural organization. And we believe that you will enjoy a wonderful visiting.

The design activities become favorite events for ten thousand of designers all over the country who participate in the exhibition, in addition to the design forum constantly held in DOD exhibition area; the organizers will hold Design Conference and Designer Party in Hotel Himalaya opposite to Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Designer Party, which has been held to the 4th term successively, is one of the most important activities conducted by Furniture China, and in this year, it will become a grand party mixing sound, light, electricity and upsurging one climax after another. At present, it can be disclosed that Designer Party will hint three chapters of “Shanghai Light”, “Green Travel” and “Brilliant Night” by virtue of themed blue, green and red respectively. In addition, it will conduct three large award ceremonies for Gold Axe Award, Innovation Award and Gold Idea Design Award alternately to bring a successive upsurge for the wine party.