Home Furniture Session
(Japan and Korea Markets Targeted)

4月 15, 2022    227

Zhejiang Export Commodity Online Fair 2022

7 – 18 April 2022

It’s not hard to notice the numerous similarities in living habits among people in China, Japan and South Korea, this is largely because of the geographic East-Asia bond, which is a convenience for business exchanges as well.

The April session from Zhejiang Export Commodity Online Fair sets its focus orientally on the neighboring Japanese and South Korean markets, products as chair, table, cabinet, shelf, stool, dresser, sofa and furniture set, furniture accessories etc., can be found in the online showrooms of Zhejiang suppliers in this session from April 7th – 18th, 2022.

Zhejiang furniture manufactures exhibiting in this session have been constant players in supplying needs from Japan and Korea markets, therefore their products can often find the way to those in need of them, browse through the exhibits and find what’s been missing with you.

Exhibits Preview:

Hangzhou Kaiyi Home

Online Showroom >>


Online Showroom >>

Shengzhou Zhiding Transmission Equipment

Online Showroom >>


Online Showroom >>

Evernew Industrial & Trade

Online Showroom >>

To get hold on exhibits of all selected suppliers, make your move to the session, reach out to qualified suppliers and commence connecting.

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