Customizable & Commercial Furniture Session
(United Kingdom and Spain Markets Targeted)

3月 3, 2022    257

Zhejiang Export Commodity Online Fair 2022

3 – 15 March 2022

As part of Zhejiang Export Commodity Online Fair, which co-hosted by Furniture China Digital Trade Show and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, scheduled from 3 – 15 March 2022, an online session for Customizable & Commercial Furniture will gather a selection of Zhejiang furniture and furnishing suppliers to build a communicative intersection with potential business partners from the United Kingdom and Spain markets.

In this session, exhibits will cover: cloakroom furniture, office furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, lounge furniture, chair & table, bed & mattress, sofa, wall paneling and flooring etc.. Zhejiang suppliers are getting their products in place to serve needs from both home and commercial space.

To get a general idea on what’s to expect in the session, start from some exhibits here:

Shaoxing HaoHua Timber Industry

Online Showroom >>


Online Showroom >>

Hangzhou Dongqi Kitchen&Bath Technology

Online Showroom >>

Zhejiang Linfeng Chair

Online Showroom >>

Anji Maochang Furniture

Online Showroom >>

To get hold on exhibits of all selected suppliers, make your move to the session, reach out to qualified suppliers and commence connecting.