The Scene is set – Home De Luxe

2月 22, 2022    491

Luxurious style oriented home décor is perhaps not widely perceived by the mass, one obvious reason lies in that the bars are set in a relatively high level, which leads to the uneasy accessibility labelled on it. As the luxury home décor is not effortless-reachable, it naturally becomes the symbol of upper-class lifestyle, and gets trendy for its intriguing theatric setting.

Having set the general base, then comes the next question: what’s to be put in the picture, to make the scene appear as high-end designed? The basic constitutes are quite clear and distinctive, there is the hardware, and the software needs to go along.

Something Metallic

The metallic components are among popular and favorite home decorating elements at the ancient aristocracies, to be more precise, gold is very much welcomed and favored to walk in their living space. Despite the accusation of being cliché, metallic constituents still hold a recognizable position in enhancing the sense of awe at living space.

Something Velvety

Here goes the soft part, one unignorable merit of this lissome material is probably it’s so limber that it can be applied multiple ways: coating cushions, chairs and sofas, being laid at designated area or gets hanging as drape etc. The velvety stuff seems to be made as perfect match with a classy ambience. Remember where does Marie Antoinette sip champagne with her entourages? It’s her exquisitely velvet-furnished boudoir.

Something Glitzily Reflective

What the glass and crystalline elements bring here is not only some flashy glitters, with the reflective surfaces, objects shall be duplicated in a mirror effect, which will definitely create extra decorative constituents within certain items. Under the circumstance that the element is applied at rather large scale, this will do good to spacing up visually. So why not harness the advantage behind the crystal element to create a romantic contemporary fairy tale?

While the majority is advocating “Less is More”, and deducting components from home décor, an opposite concept of “More is More” emerges as the comeback of past glory. It’s good to simplify things, however, there’s nothing wrong with being lush and ostentatious with home décor. Either way, being expressive is the point.