Light up the New Beginning

1月 17, 2022    508

As we walked into 2022, a brand new beginning, which is a perfect occasion to make some moves on home settings. So why not start with the lighting? The handling of lighting tools can be performed in a rather flexible way: hanging from the ceiling, hanging on the wall, being placed on consoles or night stands, standing directly on the floor…

Home decorating resembles stage setting, essential constituents of furniture lay the ground of style and class to be presented, ornaments and knickknacks add up the sense of ambient, then the lighting comes in to make the final cast. The way lighting tools to be settled is flexible, meanwhile the effect of lighting they generate is as well alterable: evenly spread, radioactive, reflected or staying on one focal point.

Like all the constituents in the setting, lights and lamps not only carry the basic function of giving out illumination, but also act as decorative element. The design and material of these lighting tools will certainly make a difference in the overall effect they convey, and it’s always crucial to get the lighting tools in the right setting that fits the decorating concept in the best way possible.

By their nature, lighting tools become illumination source when they are turned on, with the suitable setting, the lighting tools themselves can be quite an accent, or blend in with the surroundings to delivery excellent ambience.

The source of light owns tellable beginning point or surface, however it’s tricky to tell where does the light ends, and one thing is probably certain: it will light up the new beginning.

(Photos credit: Marsden Lighting, Leili, Crestview Collection, Candelah, Boking Art)