The “Game of Stones” at home

11月 29, 2021    329

The kind of material that would generally pop up in our mind when the subject comes in as “what’s most commonly used for furniture manufacturing?”, is probably wood. Wood is prevalently used in home furniture making due to the relatively easy obtainment and processing, we’ve enjoyed this marvelous resource bestowed upon us by the nature for a long time. With the concept of sustainability and environment friendly gets perceived by general public, emerging substitutes and innovation of materials makes its entrance to the stage.

Marble, sintered stone and nanocrystalline stone, these come as some examples of non-forest resource consuming materials that are derived from stone.

Marble isn’t something rare and fresh in home decoration practices, it’s recognized for its fine texture and grain and is among the popular constituents in kitchen & bathroom furniture.

Sintered stone walked into the market as something newly discovered, to process sintered stone properly into appliable surface in furniture and home decoration takes certain techniques, yet it’s something worth being applied for its lightness and flexible thickness.

Nanocrystalline stone, a next level radiation-free and eco-friendly material, with more complex technics in its processing, it combines traits as deformability, recyclability and high-density to be recognized as a new rising favorite in home decoration.

Apart from the eco-amicable concept these materials help to convey, something more important here is the practicability they share in home decoration:

  • The intrinsic advantage: solid, durable and heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, maintenance fuss free, plus excelled lightness of sintered stone and nanocrystalline stone make up for the clumsiness of marble.
  • Considerable applicability, applicable for both built-in furniture and loose furniture, multiple ways of fitting in home furnishing.
  • Appearance and multi-color developable, whether the style is minimalism or classically luxurious oriented, they will make the magic work.

The use of sustainable and environment friendly materials seems to be quite a trend in home furnishing and decoration, inspiration is yet to be found from playing the game of stones at home.