DTS Weekly #3 | Boxes of Multi-Functions

6月 11, 2021    496

When designing a home, storage areas are often overlooked for more exciting features like the kitchen or living room. But this small attribute can really make an influence to the overall quality of living as it can decide whether your home is clean and tidy or cluttered. So when building a new home, you need to always take storage into account.

Under this fact, these storage boxes should be infused as parts of the constituents in living room, dining room or bedroom. Commonly these boxes are named as cabinets, occasionally they might be called differently to emphasize a particular function they are assigned to perform. Such as:

A TV Cabinet to support the electronic pal

A Sideboard to display plants or decorative painting

A Nightstand to hold lamp and alarm clock


A Cell to store vintage wines


Oak TV side cabinet

Finori Gmbh



Keeper TV Sideboard


HY-1805 Console

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