DTS Weekly #2 | It’s So SKETCHY This Week

6月 7, 2021    441

SKETCHY is the key term in this week’s weekly recommendation.

Sketch is the preliminary form of ripened ideas or flashes of thoughts, either way, sketches keep the very core part of each materialized piece. Fickle minds of us human beings often play the “Add then Remove” game throughout the whole process of putting a concept into practice, only when one witnesses for himself an excessively decorated chair, did he come to his sense that it’s appealing enough while it was sketchy.

Maria Yee – “Munro Leather Nightstand 230-109341”

Maria Yee – “Kent Armchair 210-109427”

Aifei – “A43007 Dining chair/Leisure chair”

HONGFEI – “MR1508 Dining Chair”

KODA – “Cape Media Unit”

Topone – “Living room round wood Nodic smart furniture side table speaker”

SHI PAK – “Vintage Furniture-Bar Stool 001”

Scala – “Columbus Console Table – CN-183”

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