How To Decorate Your Home With a French & Italian Style?

5月 19, 2021    521

Scheduled from May 19th to 29th, the special session “Home Furnishings” of Zhejiang Export Commodity Online Fair is prepared to meet French and Italian furniture traders in its dedicated hall at Furniture China’s Digital Trade Show.

Some of the most appealing decorations are a blend of styles. This can be smoothly incorporated by the infusion of two styles that share common elements, such as French and Italian. These two styles can be effectively blended because of their adjacent geographical location which allows them to share common Old World European origination and culture. Both French Country- and Tuscan-style interior are elegant and welcoming. With a relaxed interior atmosphere, they can allow almost effortless integration.

Below listed the most common features shared by French and Italian interior design styles. Now let’s get creative, see if you can make these decorative pieces work on your place, then turn it into somewhere intriguing like a classic French boudoir.

Old World Decoration

French and Italian Furniture design is centered around the use of romantic elements from the Old World era. Old World decoration is rooted in Old European manor, which has a classic appeal that has stood the test of time and continues to capture the attention of designers and buyers today.





French & Italian Colors

The inspiration for a French/Italian color palette begins with the natural elements found throughout the countryside of each region. Varying shades of green can be used to represent grapevines, found in both French and Italian vineyards. Light beige is reminiscent of the walls of traditional palaces, while deeper tones, such as rust or burnt orange reflects the clay found in Traditional French or Italian roof tiles. Bright colors such as yellow is taken from sunflowers from the Southern France.



Rustic Touch

Both French and Italian love to add a hint of rustic wrought iron element into the entire interior design as it fits beautifully with both design themes and adds an Old World feel.





The Use of Big Mirrors

Interestingly, both French and Italian prefer adding either a vintage or a modern, sculptural mirror piece inside their rooms as they believe mirror is one of the most functional decorating tools to not only add visual interest but also a high level of practicality to a space. A well-placed mirror will maximize any sunlight shed into a room and visually expand it beyond its proportions.

Whatever style of mirror you opt for, follow examples below and use it in the best possible way to decorate your space.

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