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12月 11, 2020    415

Suggestions exclusively for Thai and Malaysian Buyers

As people living in tropical coastal cities, Malaysians and Thais know better how to enjoy life. Compared with most people who live under four distinct seasons, the unique geographical advantages make it possible to carry out more outdoor activities throughout four seasons, such as hosting parties in backyard, having fun on beach-side, going hiking, etc. It will never hurt to just embrace the natural air and enjoy the gentle sunshine outdoors, plus outdoor events could also be the considerable entertaining options for social-distancing in recent difficult days.

For all Malaysians and Thais, I bet you won’t find it difficult to get a fine piece of wooden furniture in your country, as the wood resources there is bountiful. But you wouldn’t be advised to place wooden furniture outdoors when the surrounding is constantly wet.

In this session, we have some recommendations of outdoor furniture manufacturers from Zhejiang Province – one of the biggest furniture manufacturing locations in China. Check out some durable outdoor furniture in various materials:

OUTDOOR FURNITURE (December 11th – 18th)

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Rattan is always a nice choice for outdoor use, as it’s incredibly strong, durable, and resilient to different outdoor environments. It can sit in the harsh sun without being ruined. It can handle the cold, too. Would you find it hard to decide if it came in several colors and shapes?

PE Rattan Wicker Chairs from Jiaxing Nanhu District Yongli Metal furniture Factory

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Iron and Steel could also be the elements to create the rustic or classic sense. One of the big advantages associated with metal furniture is that it will be really easy to clean. You do not need to worry about mites or other pests since the surface is cold and hard.

Foldable Table and Chairs from Changxing Lvchen Iron Craft Co., Ltd

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#3 Fiber-reinforced Plastic:

Fiber-reinforced plastic, due to its lightweight, inherent strength, weather-resistance and variety in surface textures, is widely used in environment protection related sections. Seemingly, another ideal option for outdoor furniture.

Fiber-reinforced plastic chairs from Jiaxing Layo Imp.& Exp.Group.Co.,Ltd

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#4 Polyester Fabric:

Polyester fabric is used extensively in apparel and home furnishing, and with its high stain-resistance, it has also found its way to be applied outdoors, umbrellas for instance. Now that plenty of harsh sunshine should be blocked, why not try absorbing it then use it elsewhere?

Outdoor Solar Umbrella from Jiaxing Nanhu District Yongli Metal furniture Factory

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Hope our recommendation will be helpful for your sourcing needs. If you have business deals with Malaysians or Thais, and have strong interest in the Outdoor Furniture…

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