10 Decorations Japanese and Koreans Must Buy To Create A Zen & Balanced Home

11月 20, 2020    711

When we talk about Japanese and South Korean culture, I bet the first word comes out of your mind is “Zen” – a peaceful and simplicity home surrounds with some modest designs. The Japanese and Korean design style evolve around clean and uncluttered living, holding tightly to a Zen feeling and a love for natural beauty.

Besides Zen, Japanese and Korean design are also known for strictly obeying to traditional Oriental customs, such as the feng shui balance. In feng shui, crystals are widely used for adjusting the energy, or the vibrations they bring to your home or office. Many people believe crystals have healing powers that can create an energy balance in living place.

For all Japanese and South Korean furniture buyers, scroll down to see 10 decoration pieces that for sure can add a hint of peaceful, zen, and balanced feeling to your house.

Home Furnishing (Japan & South Korea Market)

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Home Textile:

Yihui Technology – “19017”

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Rongchuang – “Colorful Boucle Embroidery Comforter”

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Rongchuang – “Contrast Microfibre Quilt”

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VINNA – “Patchwork Dutch Velvet Quilt”

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VINNA – “Gold Printing Microfiber Quilt”

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Crystal Decoration:

Longsheng Crystal Crafts – “100mm Fengshui Crystal Ball”

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Jingsheng Crystal – “Animal Lovely Crystal Swan Gift Wedding Ultimate Home Decoration”

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Torch – “Crystal Flower Vase”

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Jingshuo – “Color Coated Crystal Soap Dish”

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Hongbai Zhou – “Crystal Clock”

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Yiben – “Crystal Glass”

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