15 Furniture Polish & Czechs Must Have In Their House

11月 20, 2020    828

Another big move – Furniture China partnered with the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province to create another online furniture sourcing event especially targeted the Poland and Czech Republic marketplace on our B2B trading platform JJGLE.com from Nov 16th – Nov26th.

Same as other European markets, Poles and Czechs buyers also prefer modern home design with a minimalist style. If you’re from Poland or Czech Republic, or have furniture business deals with above countries, take a snapshot below of what’s good offered by Chinese furniture manufacturers.

INDOOR HOME (Poland & Czech Republic Market)

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Table & Chair:

GEVANCO – “Chair Set”

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GEVANCO – “Coffee Table”

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LocTek MoTion – “Standing Desk Frame ET119”

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Office Furniture:

GEVANCO – “Workstation”

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GEVANCO – “Executive Table”

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QIYU – “Extension Plate”

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WANBAO Smart Home – “8331 Racing Style Gaming Chair”

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HENGLIN – “Office Chair HLC-8878F”

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GEVANCO – “Public Sofa”

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Bella Electric – “Square Aluminum Frame Bathroom Mirror”

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Dongqi Kitchen & Bath – “Bathroom Vanity Cabinets”

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Home Textile:

Jiaxing Textile – “Furniture Fabrics”

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ECOTECH Textile – “Leech”

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Hardware & Raw Material:

Kelai New Material – “Walnut Wood Flooring”

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BESTGIA HARDWARE – “Factory Supply Inch & Metric C1022a Factory Price Phillips Black Bugle Head Drywall Screw”

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ZHENGDA MOULD – “Step Drills”

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Wagen Precision Tooling – “Table Saw Blade”

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If you’re interested in any above products…
Visit the showroom; contact suppliers to get a quote and bring your favorites back home!

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