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9月 13, 2020    2,216

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Furniture China 2020 had a successful closing on September 12th, and we appreciate everyone for coming and bringing us another year of success!

  • You felt a little annoyed because cannot make it to the fair?
  • Or worried there’s no way to source furniture after the exhibition?

No Worries! We plans the “Digital Trade Show” – which is an online edition of Furniture China 2020, to allow global buyer-supplier trade session to continue as planned without time and travel constrains.

Starting from August 8th to November 8th for a 3-month extended period, “DTS” begins hosting networking events, private 1-on-1 video meetings, brand inspector Vlog, and even a virtual show floor completed with virtual showrooms where exhibitors can share product information and trade as one would at an in-person event.

Scroll to see four main benefits buyers can get out of “DTS”:

#1: Online Showroom Captures More Information

Generally, considering the transportation cost, exhibitors will not be able to bring all products to the exhibition site. However, “DTS” exhibitors are entitled to have an exclusive Online Showroom where they can customize and decorate it by filling up with attractive texts; high-resolution pictures and well-demonstrated corporate video. So buyers can find the most complete product sheets on “DTS” Online Showroom.

Editor Selections Of Premium Showrooms On “DTS”:

ZHIWEI (enter its showroom>>>)

EXPO CASA (enter its showroom>>>)

KUKA HOME (enter its showroom>>>)

LANDBOND (enter its showroom>>>)

Ergomotion (enter its showroom>>>)

WanYou (enter its showroom>>>)

Duoyi (enter its showroom>>>)

#2: Video Conferencing Ensures Smooth Communication Without Geographic Constrain

Connect with your preferred suppliers through either private video conferencing or online webinar as it’s an effective tool to conduct real-time communication with exhibitors and receive information that delivers value from exhibitors to the buyers.

You can reserve an online meeting at the exhibitor showroom page on “DTS”. Fill in the request form to send the exhibitor an invitation.

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#3: Vlog Helps You Know & Build Up Trust With Brands Quickly

To know a brand, make it alive. If you ask me what’s the best way to learn a brand? I’d say is to go directly and visit it.

Dealing with the difficulties of the current travel panic and possible information lag, our specialist will take you for a virtual tour to visit various reputable furniture stores in Shanghai through a series of Brand Inspector Vlogs. Brand designers will then share stories behind the top-sellers, and their interpretation of future industry movements.

***For more videos, visit “Digital Trade Show” Video Gallery>>>>>>

#4: Blog Summarizes Hot-sellers For Your Convenience

According to different product categories, styles, and targeted audience locations, the newly launched Blog channel selects and summarizes some of the most hot-sale products on “Digital Trade Show” with high-resolution product pictures attached.

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So, what’s my point?

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