Three Changes & Reconstructions of Chinese Furniture Industry In 2020

5月 28, 2020    358

And How Furniture China Responses To It?

In the traditional furniture industry dominated by face-to-face trade, massive corona virus lock-down is undoubtedly fatal to Chinese furniture manufacturers and trade buyers. But with the gradual improvement of the pandemic, how to help China’s furniture industry to revive the economy and restore order in the post epidemic era has become the top priority.

Here, furniture China puts forward three suggestions for the future construction and revitalization of the industry:

Expand Domestic Market – Key To Sustaining Growth In China

According to report, with the continuous recovery of life and the release of residents’ demand for house rental brought by the alleviation of the pandemic, Chinese household consumption demand of furniture rebounded sharply in May.

In response to the rapidly rising purchase demand, Furniture China has also organized a series of events to stimulate the desire of domestic customers. Such as opening up a live broadcast platform to help vendors sell goods and joining hands with hundreds exhibitors to launch series of online promotional event.

Stabilize Foreign Trade – The acceleration Of Digital Change

Globalization is under threat due to years of global trade tensions. And COVID-19 was another severe blow to the system. But in the end, international trade is crucial to economic recovery. So, how to revive the economy and rekindle the enthusiasm of people in the industry? The answer is to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies, which have kept trade flowing properly, even as the physical movement is restricted.

Here we come with a “Digital Trade Show”, an online edition of Furniture China 2020, to allow global buyer-supplier trade session to continue as planned without time and travel constrains.

Starting from August 8th, Furniture China will begin hosting brand keynote presentations, networking events, private 1-on-1 video meetings and even a virtual show floor complete with virtual showrooms where exhibitors can share product information and make the same connections one would at an in-person event.

From cross-border e-commerce, global teleconferencing, to timely news updates and on-site live stream, this digital trading platform is critical as it provides a stable guarantee in the post pandemic era for Chinese furniture industry professionals who focus on foreign trade.

Forward To A New Stage – A Synergy Of Digital And Traditional

Virtual event is a good stand-in, but nothing can replicate the energy of physical trade shows. Beyond, two face-to-face meeting places are also available at the fair ground this:

Furniture China/ FMC/ FMC Premium 2020 – September 08-12, SNIEC, Shanghai

Maison Shanghai 2020 (home decor) – September 08-11, SWEECC, Shanghai

To Unlock Countless Online Opportunities…