What’s The Future Of The Workplace Environment In A Post-Pandemic World?

7月 3, 2020    564

For the past 5 months, people’s work life have changed immensely as massive workers retreated to the safety of their own homes in response to this once-in-a-century pandemic.

In fact, many employees are now rethinking the future of their own work environment in a post-pandemic world as the Cloud Communication used during the pandemic enabled businesses to continue operating with relative ease. But no matter which way to choose, a well-decorated workplace will make them physically and mentally happy, thus increasing work efficiency.

Let us introduce you three local office furniture brands and their interpretations of the ideal post-pandemic workplace environment.

LONSHINE: Functional Office Desk Designed For Human Health

LONSHINE is an industrial and trade enterprise specializing in the production and export of home office furniture for over 20 years.


What is a healthy design? According to Jessica, the Manager of LONSHINE, the brand adheres to the concept of “Healthy Home Office”, and its product is functional and practical. With functions such as lifting and folding, it can liberate people’s hands and save spaces to the greatest extent.

Free Lifting Laptop Desk

As a result of sedentary, office workers’ spines are for sure in poor condition. Therefore, raising the amount of exercise has become the top priority to protect the health of workers.

This flippable and adjustable laptop desk can meet all kinds of height requirements such as sitting and standing, to make up for the lack of exercise for office workers.

YDD: Household Design Of Office Storage Furniture

Founded in 2003, YDD is a professional company integrating office furniture design, production and sales. Although the pandemic makes the demand for home office furniture rise sharply, YDD continues to adjust and design new products.

Said by Terry Yang, the Head of YDD, “in response to the needs of working from home, YDD designed and produced urgently during the epidemic period, and launched a series of office storage cabinets suitable for home use, making a new attempt in color, style, function, design and other aspects.”

YDD combines simple and fashionable elements to develop a series of home office storage furniture.

In terms of color, in order to adapt to the rich colors of home, the color of the storage cabinet is changed into brighter colors; in terms of function, more storage space is added, and it is also designed into a fold-able style, for small family uses; in terms of style, the product reduces the clear straight lines of traditional office furniture and adding soft and beautiful curves.

At the same time, it also introduces the modular design with many different styles of small storage cabinets, which can be stacked and assembled. So that consumers can freely match to achieve their personalized home decoration goals.

Myidea: Full Range High-end Customized Office Furniture Provider

Founded in 2003, Myidea is a comprehensive office furniture enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and after-sale service.

The brand has its own obvious recognition in overall design and style. Different from the luxury Italian style and traditional Chinese style which are often used in local offices, “Myidea” focuses on digging the modern sense and industrial style.

2019 New “DENG FENG” Collection – Office Desk & Filing Cabinet
“FE” Collection
“MING PIN” Collection – Office Desk & Filing Cabinet

If the modern industrial style is not enough to summarize the uniqueness of Myidea, then its commitment to the one-stop solution of creating an ideal workplace can absolutely amaze you.

A full range of office furniture products make Myidea more competitive in the market. Office desk, filing cabinet, staff table, storage cabinet, conference table…You can find the complete set of office furniture from Myidea!

“MING PIN” Collection Set (Entire office space)
Conference Table & Cabinet Set

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