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Starting from Aug 8th, Furniture China will be launching Digital Trade Show (abbr. “DTS”), which is a professional online furniture trading platform. Read the previous article “FURNITURE CHINA IS GOING DIGITAL!” to learn more about this program.

Translating booths and conferences into a virtual reality has been made easier by maturing the technology. However, recreating the experiences is much more difficult. So, wondering what you can benefit from “DTS”? Evaluate the pros for participating in Digital Trade Show:

If you’re an exhibitor…

For B2B vendors, stimulating prospects’ interest in purchasing your products is crucial. The following paragraphs will show you how we help you broaden the channels to attract customers using four main functions of “DTS”:

Virtual Online Showroom:

Participating exhibitors are entitled to have an exclusive virtual showroom. You can customize and decorate your virtual store by filling up with attractive texts; high-resolution product pictures and well-demonstrated corporate video. The scale and attractiveness of the showroom can range from basic to elaborate, depending on the quality of your profiles uploaded.

Private 1-on-1 Video Meeting & Webinar:

The vast distances between supplier and retailer don’t matter when you can keep in touch with your client via video conferencing. By participating in “DTS”, you’ll be required to list all available time frames to accept video calls. Interested buyers can then book a video appointment with you based on the schedule you provided. Once it’s confirmed, you both will be directed to a third-party app (preferably ZOOM) to start a private video meeting. It is exactly like how you interact with your clients in a physical trade show!

Brand News (Blog) & Vlog:

To promote a brand, make it alive. Come showcase the energy of your brand using Brand News and Vlogs, as they give you a richer dialogue with your clients; elicit an instant emotional response from viewers and create an exceptional boost to Search Engine Optimization. Being visually stimulating, buyers can learn your compelling brand story in an easily digestible package. Take good care of readers as they might eventually become your potential customers!

For exhibitors, virtual trade show has been unanimously welcomed by vendors as a modern and powerful tool for effective lead generation. Not only it’s a cost-friendlier option comparing to physical trade show, but it also eliminates the geographical and time constraints of physical events. By participating in DTS, you are able to reach a large buyer community 24/7 at utmost ease without expensive travel costs.

If you’re looking for effective lead generation:


to get access to this modern, powerful, and viable tool and showcase your brand in front of thousands high-quality furniture buyers!