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From this August to November, Furniture China will provide online presentations, virtual booths and other online tools to supplement the in-person trade show we’re supposed to stage in Shanghai this September.

Digital Trade Show Is To Link Everyone During Outbreak

Numerous trade shows have been canceled due to the pandemic, but the desire among retailers and suppliers to connect remains strong. With this in mind, given the name of Digital Trade Show (abbr. “DTS”), it’s an online counterpart of Furniture China 2020 and a professional online furniture trading platform to allow buyer-supplier monthly trade sessions to continue as planned. Traders can now connect with future business partners in an online dashboard to access their entire portfolio and complete transactions with a fast and convenient digital trade scenario.

Starting from August 8th, Furniture China will begin hosting brand keynote presentations, networking events, private 1-on-1 video meetings and even a virtual show floor complete with virtual showrooms where exhibitors can share product information and make the same connections one would at an in-person event.

Four Presentation Modes:

Virtual Online Showroom: Participating exhibitors are entitled to have an exclusive virtual showroom to tell their story and virtually present new collections. Buyers who are interested in certain pieces are easily to submit RFQs and contact suppliers on the portal.

Private 1-on-1 video meetings & webinars: Private video meetings will be employed for real-time communication and information sharing that delivers value from exhibitors to the buyers and encourages conversions. Pairing with keynote presentations and brand webinars, they’ll give you the most comprehensive understandings of what’s hot and new in 2020.

Blog: The newly launched Blog channel will summarize and educate readers of the most popular furniture products and the latest industry movements on a timely basis.

Brand Inspector Vlog: Dealing with the travel panic and the possible information lag, our specialist will take you to visit famous furniture stores in Shanghai to unveil the latest trend and technology in furniture industry. Brand designers will share the story behind top-sellers, and their interpretation of future industry dynamics.

How to Sign Up?

DTS provides a rich and engaging platform for real-time trading and communication without the hassle of current global travel ban. On DTS, Buyers will be able to access the show at no cost and exhibitors will only need to pay a fee of a few thousand dollars to get connected with hundreds of thousands global buyers.

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to unlock countless online opportunities which were unthinkable in the past.

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