Heart-warming Home Designs To Heal You During COVID-19

3月 24, 2020    1,426

Diseases have no mercy, but humans do💕

Under the current severe condition of COVID-19, you need a warm & healing home to stay positive and strong enough to go through this once-in-a-century hard time.

Check out our selections of heart-warming designs to help you survive this special & challenging spring:

#1: Color-matching Is The First Step


Mint cabinet + white wall create a sense of freshness to this kitchen space.

White wall + grayish green TV cabinet + decorative lines together make the overall layout look soft and cozy


Light pink painted walls; blue cabinets; and the color-matching floor become the finishing touch of the overall design

It’s also a good idea to divide the space with dual-color wall design


When you decided to go ‘macaron’, you should definitely begin with colors which represent love, like sweet pink; light purple; soft green…

#2: Usage of Material Is The Next Step


The touch of linen feels a little rough, but it’s 100% natural and simple in design. The pure natural linen absorbs the sunshine and rain of nature, bringing a high level of comfort to customers. The material itself has the features of breathability, freshness, washability and insolation resistance, antisepsis and bacteriostasis, etc.

Linen curtain is the secret weapon to create a sense of transparency in the home


Rattan is a type of vine-like palm native to the tropical jungles of Asia. It’s lightweight, and able to be bent and curved. These distinct features make it a perfect material for making furniture in curving forms. Its light, golden color brightens a room or outdoor environment and instantly conveys a feeling of a tropical paradise.

Rattan basket + wooden frame = the best decoration of home corner


As the representation of fresh and nature, log must already be familiar to all of us. In this article, let’s talk about different usages of wood in home designs that exceed your original imagination

Log floating stairs set off by the big white wall bring a sense of vividness to the overall spatial design

The side wall and ceiling made by pieces of wood wrap the whole living room. Together with the white back wall, the entire design creates a warm-hearted feeling especially when sun falls in

#3: Combination is the third and most important step

Only when the above color techniques and proper usage of materials are perfectly combined, can we build a warm and healing house in real life. Discover some classic cases:

Case #1: In southern France, designer Rodolphe Parente renovated the 350 ㎡ top floor sea view Monte Carlo apartment. The interior uses bold and rich color combinations to create a dreamy, romantic, elegant and fashionable interior atmosphere

Case #2: Let’s have a look around at this 38㎡ cottage in Brazil. Here, green plants and crafts bring vitality and spirit to the cottage. At the same time, the use of linen and log materials also makes the whole space warm and full of healing feeling.

In this open kitchen, the use of colorful ceramic tiles harmonizes the corner and reduces the monotony brought by the similiar color tone design

The column becomes the best functional boundary in the space to separate bed and bathroom. The lush green plants decorate around the bathtub, as if bathing in the tropical rain forest.