3月 18, 2020    1,584

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, many enterprises are requiring their employees work from home. Have you also been informed?

If so, tell me honestly if you’ve ever fantasized, like me, that you can watch TV, eat chips, lie on bed and make money at the same time without having to worry about being late? But in the end, you found the workload was several times more than that of at office🤣. This is mainly because for those who don’t have an organized work station, distractions can largely disrupt your productivity.

How to maintain the efficiency at home in face of increased workload has then become the top priority – Everything should start with a fully functional office desk. SO IT’S TIME TO SET UP YOUR OWN DESK!!!

Whether it’s wooden; plastic; dark or pale, the perception of workspace affects performance of employees. Discover our fine selections from our exhibitors to set up your own ‘ dream station’ at home which in turn can help boosting your performance to a whole new level!

Ligne Roset – ‘REWRITE’

Designed by GamFratesi Studio, which was founded in 2006 by danish architect Stine Gam and italian architect Enrico Fratesi, this collection contains a desk with legs in solid walnut and top in walnut veneered MDF, with the exception of the slit cable port in the rear section which is made from solid walnut. Shell in fibreglass clad in polyether foam and available in all colors of Divina or Steelcut Trio wool on both its internal and external sides. Chest in white lacquered steel to take transformers and cables, located beneath the top.

Ligne Roset – ‘HYANNIS PORT’

Pieces are made by a Parisian designer Eric Jourdan who has a marked leaning towards classic modernist furniture. This is a desk with a glass top glossing white lacquer. This is also the Collection of pieces with a ‘cabinet-made’ feel, with frames in multiply finished in gloss white lacquer: their rounded rear corners are characteristic of the collection. Brilliant-chromed handles and metal underframes. Drawer runners equipped with controlled automatic closing.

Ligne Roset – ‘ROLL’

Created by Mario Ferrarini, this is a compact and feminine desk boasting both broad and fine strokes. Constructed from natural varnished walnut-veneered multi-ply, its base is in Epoxy satin black lacquered steel. A cable port at the rear allows passage for cables. May also be used as a hallway console.


Created by a Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co., the team borrows elements from Alex (the founder of CAMINO)’s story and weaves childhood, dreams, colors, forms, and smell into one comprehensive design. BUENA DESK comes in two colors. One in light waxed oak with grey trim; the other one in smoked oak with black trim. The slim legs and simple desktop provide the minimalistic feel to your home environment. The writing table has a simple and distinctive design that adds a touch of charm to most rooms. This modern style table also blends with most room decors.

Ziinlife – ‘1+1 Ping-pong Office Table’

Government announced a nationwide lockdown. Gyms closes their doors, so how can I excerise? No worries, we got your back!

This one-of-a-kind design is composed of two square tables, which put together could present as a desk, a conference table or even a professional table tennis table.

When a square table is used alone, it’s a simple and elegant desk. The size makes it a perfect choice for a family of 2-3 to use on a daily basis.

When the two square tables are combined together by rotating the legs, the final product turns into a professional table tennis table with the specifications fully meet the international standards. This product aims to re-shape people’s original perception of office furniture, making a/an complete and interesting role transformation to finally create a more relaxed, free and creative atmosphere to the contemporary office environment.

It’s the must-go choice for gym rats as it satisfies their fitness needs under the situation of limited travel and activities because of current COVID-19 outbreak.

WORKING WHILE EXERCISING – The Healthiest Way to Sweat Out a Pandemic!