FURNITURE CHINA | The Modern French Principle!

2月 10, 2020    1,614

  How To Become A Chic Parisian?

Do you remember what Audrey Hepburn used to say…“Paris is always a good idea”. Putting aside fashion, when it comes to impeccable interiors, the French also have it down.

Mainly for the middle and high-end customers, French furniture is dedicated to make you feel like a king or queen through filling up your home with magnificent pieces of French furniture. It usually comprises the most elegantly designed furniture to represent the art of French living and the world-class superior craftsmanship.

We’ve taken a look at some of our favorite chic French designs at Furniture China 2019 to discern exactly what sums up the je ne sais quoi.

Here’s our roadmap for decorating your house like a chic Parisian:

1. A modern approach dripping in romance

French Furniture design can transform any simple rooms into elegant spaces.

Ligne Roset – “PLOUM”

Designed by R. & E. Bouroullec, the Ploum seating is the fruit of much research into comfort. The result is a special combination of two materials: a stretchable covering and ultra-soft foam. This combination, along with the Ploum sofas’ truly ample dimensions, provides extreme comfort and accommodates different ways of sitting, stretching out or even lying down. As per the designers’ wishes, the large settee is asymmetrical in construction : the righthand backrest is a little higher than the one on the left, whilst the right-hand seat is slightly deeper than the left-hand one and the zip on the rear of the backrest is off-centre. The seat of the sofa, canaccommodate up to 4 people. The great flexibility of contact associated with a freely-formed shape turn Ploum into a veritable nest: in fact, all positions are possible here, with both back and head enjoying the same soft contact, no matter which part of the seat is concerned, even the arms.

2. Timeless sense of fashion that last for decades

Ligne Roset – “TOGO”

Designed by Michel Ducaroy, this collection is Ligne Roset’s classic. It has been the ultimate in comfort and style for over forty years. The timeless collection features an ergonomic design with multiple density polyether foam construction and quilted covers, making each piece both visually attractive and physically inviting. A seat dreamt up especially for afternoon siestas or lazy evenings spent in the greatest of comfort, the Togo Lounge is a statement piece of furniture on its own as well as the perfect addition to a Togo sectional.

3. Easy to assemble

DIY furniture are greatly preferred by the Millennials as they can benefit from buying a higher quality product at a lower price point than if they bought a finished product in store or hire a professional to assemble. French Flat-Packed furniture makers led the trend and have designed many exquisite, fashionable, and environmental friendly DIY furniture to meet the needs of more young people.

ALSAPAN – “Serena”

Demeyere – “COLORADO

4. Fully functional and space saving

With land prices getting pricier each year, the tiny house movement is in full swing. And probably the biggest question is how to put all your necessary things in a limited living space without compromising on your living quality, comfort, and space. The French is the pioneer in giving the answers out.



About MEUBLES CÉLIO: Specialized in the design and production of high quality bedrooms and wardrobe systems, bookcases, TV units and wallbeds, Célio has a strong reputation and expertise in this field. The passion for innovation and high quality work has always been the driving force behind the development of MEUBLES CÉLIO. Today, 200 men and women work in this family owned company located in the west of France, where 100% of the products are manufactured.

5. Garden masters – The art of French outdoor living

From enjoying a cup of coffee outside on the street of Champs Elysees to your little backyard oases, the leading French outdoor furniture manufacturers create magical exterior environments that form an effortless extension from indoors to out.

The French outdoor furniture from Furniture China 2019 all showcase the designer’s intuitive approach to creating beautiful and inviting landscapes that integrate the property as a whole.

Get inspired to create your own backyard sanctuary!

SIFAS – “Riviera”

Timeless and Contemporary – Sifas takes its inspiration from its heartland —the Riviera— and from the region’s past glory years. The home of Sifas is a renowned holiday destination with lovely residences that are masterworks of Belle Époque or modernist architecture, a land favoured by great artists, painters, writers, and musicians, who distilled creative energy from the feeling of freedom in the air. This inspiring past that is part of the essence of the Côte d’azur has emboldened Sifas to reinterpret the lines of its most recent collection.

FERMOB – “Bellevie”

In Europe, especially in France, there is a popular family tradition: picnic. At the beginning, everyone sat on a piece of small cotton cloth, but now picnic has evolved to become a comfortable family gathering activity. The park is now full of picnic tables and benches so that people can eat comfortably outside. And this is the starting point for designers Pagnon and Pelhaitre. They’re passionate about hosting family picnic, so they designed the furniture to remind people of the good time of picnic in their garden.