FURNITURE CHINA | An Antique Is A Classic

2月 2, 2020    526

For a long time, classic and antique furniture has been overlooked as people are tempted to go with current contemporary trends, and the word “classic” or “antique” has sometimes been associated with “old-fashioned” or “outdated”.

But nowadays, it seems like people’s desire towards antique décor is starting to rise once again, as it begins to get the recognition they deserve. People start to realize that there are numerous benefits they can enjoy when they use classic furniture in drafting their interior decoration plan.

1. Antiques tell a story

It is a beautiful reminder of another era.  Classic furniture becomes highly popular because of the rich story and heritage behind. When you invest in classic furniture, you’re not only buying a piece of furniture product, but also buying into a rich history waiting to be discovered.

Sunrise Fine Furniture – “Antique Replica of François Linke Desk”

Sunrise Fine Furniture – “Antique Replica of Psyche Dresser”

2. Classic never gets old

Classic never goes out of fashion. If you opt for classic furniture, you’re actually saving the cost of refurnishing your living space in the future in order to fall in line with current trends.

Woger – “Light Luxurious Bed”


Sunrise Fine Furniture – “Italian retro fashion sofa”

3. Antiques make a statement

The fine details crafted on vintage furniture items are guaranteed to make a unique statement about yourself. In principle, antiques or classic furniture don’t have to be placed anywhere in your home. Having one or two or even few dotted around will help them act as the centerpieces to attract your guests’ attention and increase the vibe.   

Sunrise Fine Furniture – “Gold foil Ribbon Princess Bed”

Juyuanzhai – “High Quality Wooden Cabinet With Four Doors”

4. Strong value-added ability makes it a wise investment option

Like traditional Chinese rosewood furniture, antiques in excellent condition never lose its value, and in some cases, even appreciate in value. So, buying classic furniture would be a better option in favor of long-term investment if you consider renovating your house and selling your furniture one day in the future.

Sunrise Fine Furniture – “British Hand Painted Leather Sofa”

SIMEWOOD – “Antique Wooden Dining Set”