HOW MAISON | How To Pick The Furniture Your Child Will Love?

2月 8, 2020    356

When you’re decorating your master bedroom, you can opt for practically any styles and pieces you like under your budget. However, when it comes to decorate your children’s living space, it’s a different story, and it sometimes causes a real headache for a lot of parents. It’s a big deal as you’re trying to balance safety, durability and price with the type of design that will make your kids happy. We’re here to help you in selecting the most practical, functional, and fun children furniture from Furniture China 2019 with strong durability to stand the test of time and grow with your kids together.

1. Kids Storage

Toddlers and kids always have tons of toys to play with. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of bookshelves, closets, baskets, or bins in your child’s room to store the toys they play with daily.

YUSO – “Cheese Cabinet”

When irregular holes and exaggerated yellow cheese elements are applied to furniture, it is easy to remind people the deliciousness of cheese. There are three sizes of round holes on the door plate, which simulate the irregular distribution of cheese air holes. These irrgular shapes combine with the partition of the cabinet to form a variety of closed and semi closed storage spaces to meet the needs of different storage usages.

YUSO – “Chotolate Sideboard”

Chocolate – a famous sweet snack that is popular among kids all over the world. Break down a piece and share it with friends – the joy of sharing is rooted in every child’s heart from this moment! The designer keeps the classic chocolate shape and design it onto the furniture with a straight and neat look. No melting and messy feeling, just waiting for a child to share it.

2. Kids Bookshelf

Dot Make – “Haha Bookshelf”

A Children’s potable reading space – a bookshelf that children can easily move around in home. This product could help children form good self-reading and storage habits, and make every corner of the home become their reading space. A cute little monster shape; a big smily face, together with a three-dimensional storage space designed according to the size of children’s books, make the storage simple and interesting.

3. Kids Playtable

Once your toddler starts walking around, giving him/her a place to play games; make crafts, and eat snacks becomes crucial as it’s the place where imagination begins.

YUSO – “Pumpkin Pie Table”

Pie is a very popular holiday dessert, full of the memories of home. This product is the ingenious combination of the shape of pumpkin style and the storage function of the tea table. Shape restore abstract pumpkin pie image to enhance children’s interest in using it. Different sizes of storage space can meet different storage needs, and the two parts can be separated or combined.

4. Kids Bed

Giving your child a quality sleep has more benefits than you can get a few more hours of quiet time at night. A good sleep promotes his/her healthy growth and ensures a long-lasting attention span during the daytime. Therefore, a comfortable kid’s bed is the most important element to complete your little one’s bedroom.

BunnyBox – “Little Oasis Collection”

The design concept of BunnyBox is gentle, simple but with proper color. In the “Little Oasis” Collection, the designer designs a set of interesting and practical wooden furniture with the young and tenacious cactus as the core element to free up child’s imaginations in their own rooms and have a wonderful journey in the desert.

5. Kids Desk

Giving your children a homework zone with a functional and durable writing desk is of a priority as your children will be very much likely to spend a huge amount of time writing than they ever have before or even in the future.

Dot Make – “Adjustable Writing Desk”

This desk has four height levels that can be adjusted to match children’s rapid growth needs. The angle of the desk can also be adjusted for getting the most comfortable posture to complete their homeworks.

6. Kids Chair

Dot Make – “YiMoji”

This is a series of animal-shaped children’s seats. The cute animal shapes make it not only a piece of practical furniture, but also kids’ good friend to get along with them day and night. The animal chair is specially designed for the lively and active children. Theimage of the animal can be the back of the chair, or it can ride and sit on the side like a toy Trojan horse. The animal members of the “Yi Moji” family are expanding as the models are greatly loved by toudsands of kids in China. Besides, they can also enhance the overall design of a living space.