FURNITURE CHINA | 4 Bedroom Elements To Create Your Perfect Resting Space

2月 11, 2020    544

Have you ever imagined having a relaxing and sleek bedroom when you wake up in the morning? Even if no one ever sees it, your bedroom should still represent your style as it is the most intimate place to make any emotional connection with yourself.

Have you ever imagined having a relaxing and sleek bedroom when you wake up in the morning? Even if no one ever sees it, your bedroom should still represent your style as it is the most intimate place to make any emotional connection with yourself.

With that in mind, we listed 4 essential bedroom elements to help you 组合& create your own perfect resting space. Their sleek and simple looks make for a calming set-up that’s ideal for getting a good night’s rest. Cozy material and elegant design together create an environment that is both comfortable and stylish.

Wrap your eyes around this massive gallery full of refreshing bedroom ideas:

1. Mattress

Magniflex – MagniStretch 12

MagniStretch is the result of a complex set of ergonomic tests that have led the company develop a new concept of structure, one that can stretch the mattress in response to the body’s weight, thus boosting performance and increasing durability. The special core with tilted sections exploits the pressure applied by the body to move from the lumbar spine to the cervix and from the spine down to the feet. This movement helps the back to stretch out and relax and expands the space between the vertebrae. The weight is therefore distributed more evenly, helping you release stress and ease muscle contraction.

About Magniflex: Over 55 years of experience in the industry has made Magniflex instantly recognizable as standing for excellence when it comes to quality mattresses.

Sleemon – “Sen Shui”

The thickness of this mattress is about 27cm. The fabric is made of TENCEL skin-friendly fabric. The innerpart is equipped with bamboo-charcoal latex to absorp moisture and remove perspiration. The 3D jute and nano sponge fabric are also added, together with the bamboo-charcoal technology to clean and deodorize. The durable elastic support offers maximum breathability and comfort, and the use of spring caters to the curve of the human body. The front is moderately hard while the back is relatively hard.

About Sleemon: One of the world’s largest-scale and most trusted manufacturers of foam and spring mattresses and upholstered furniture. Over 30 years, Sleemon matured from its roots as a tiny local workshop to the largest mattress manufacturer in Asia with over 360,000 m2 of production floor spread across 3 factories in China and a global distribution network.


The IONIAN BREEZE mattress has a total of 8,407 springs. The combination of the 3 special springs, Pocket, Posturefit & HD, contributes to a better distribution of the body weight, reducing the pressure of the spine. The 2 layers of cotton offer maximum breathability of the mattress. The product is 100% handmade, step by step, following the traditional techniques of the people of the Mediterranean and they use only natural ingredients.

About Candia: Candia is one of the largest mattress companies in Greece, founded in 1973, and for over 40 years has been manufacturing top quality mattresses, beds and a large selection of sleeping accessories with aglobal innovation of fabrics treatment with olive oil. Every mattress is handmade, step by step using only natural materials and special procedures. With this treatment, the fabric provides antibacterial protection and the beneficial properties of olive oil.

2. BedsC


“Ti Fu” in Chinese means hapiness and peace. Designers hope to convey this good feeling to its customers through bed designs. In fact, a bed is not only a place to sleep, but also a small home as it’s a comfortable, warm and peaceful shelter. It is also a private place for physical and decompression under today’s fast-paced life.

About SUREECO: China amard-winning lifestyle furniture brand who has been dedicated to present contemporary oriental design with a broader aesthetic perspective, bringing people a sense of belonging, and at the same time inheriting the beauty of the East in a comfortable way.

Songdream – “Big Ear Bed”

A bed that combines the functions of a sofa and a bed. The biggest feature is the corner bed screen design. You can use it as a sofa and sit comfortably when leaning against the bed screen. The bed screen is just enough to support your back, making it is an ideal place to relax before going to bed. Little baby can fall asleep safely by relying on the bed screen, and it also acts as a good support point for the elderlies to get up. The bed screen can be interchanged left and right, all of them can be removed, and even the “ears” can be added on both sides.

3. Bedroom Storage

GIESSEGI – Closet Cabin Collection

One of the most significant realities in Italy or even international furniture business. GIESSEGI realizes the forbidden dream of many women – A perfect closet. It is a trendy solution to organize the spaces dedicated to clothes, accessories and shoes. Shelves and drawers are designed to keep the wardrobe in order with eye on the latest trends.

4. Bedroom Textile


Four-piece cotton satin printing set: The combination of cactus, aloe and other tropical plants together with the leopard’s opens a fresh summer adventure

HARBOR HOUSE – “Clematis”

Four-piece cotton satin printing set: the overlapping color blocks has dyed the magnolia flower branch. With elegant blue tone, the final product is infused with a special breathe of spring.