FURNITURE CHINA | 5 Contemporary Designs To Inspire You For Building A Dream House

1月 23, 2020    736

Contemporary design is the one rooted in today’s trends and preferences. If you like to keep up with the styles of the moment, you are an enthusiast of the contemporary style.

Contemporary design is easily recognizable for its use of lines. Whether it’s straight, horizontal or curved, strong and visible lines are evident in any contemporary-style room, creating a strong linear and sequential decoration in the living space.

When contemporary design and timeless tradition meet in the ultimate mix, here it comes a rigorous, linear, and simple silhouette, softened by the use of warm colors.

Discoversome of our favorite contemporary designs from Furniture China 2019. Encounter the extraordinariness, and get inspired for your dream house design:

1. Dining Set

HOBANG – Dining Set

Dining table: MDF with black high gross and stainless steel / Dining chair: Solid wood with black high gross and fabric with cushion

2. Livingroom

L-Living – “BELLISIMA”

Symbolizing beauty, this collection is inspired by all beautiful and elegant things. The design combines with the affordable luxury style favored by the millennials to show a low-key and comfortable lifestyle, making the pursuit of luxury not an extravagant consumption. BELLISIMA pursuits a “no burden and high-quality” life attitude, which means it is not for show-off and praise, just for enjoying your life.

Square Home – “PALMA LIVING”

Palma livingroom with solid oak, veneer and classic elements of stylish rattan weaving.

3. Sofa Set

Maria Yee – “Cayo”

Designed for ultimate laidback lounging, the Cayo collection is an invitation to sink into luxurious comfort. The versatile and modular units present countless configuration possibilities to be used as sofas, loveseats, ottomans or sectionals. Its clean modern design and relaxed silhouettes can be dressed in varied leather colors to tailor to any space and style.  

ACTONA Company – “Nevada”


Combine oriental elements and modern materials, multiple specifications to suit your home design needs. Solid wood frame; use of high density sponges and nice fabric, together make you feel more leisure and comfortable.

4. Bedroom

Maria Yee – “Napa”

Inspired by bold architectural lines, the Napa collection exemplifies refined simplicity. It harmoniously joins wood and fabric to bring out the beauty of material and craftsmanship.


The bed is made of two-color coarse cotton and linen blended fabric, which has good breathability. This fabric can absorb sweat on the human skin, so as to make the temperature return to normal quickly. This material can also increase our microcirculation blood flow; effectively regulate the nervous system; dredge the meridians and improve the sleep quality. The bed side is made of imported suede fabric, which is extremely elegant and not easy to fade. It is soft, waxy, and delicate, without pilling.

5. Home Storage


A statement piece by excellence, Wind is not shy when it comes to make a stand.‎ Its diagonal lines introduce a sense of movement into an otherwise still object, just as if the wind had gently blown on it.‎ Besides the all-white version, Wind is available in light blue or pure white combined with oak, three options that will bring a bright detail into any space, like a breath of fresh air.‎

TEMAHOME – “Nina” Sideboard

Nina sideboard stands for simplicity and great functionality with their pure and discreet lines surrounding the light oak veneer top and shelves.‎ The pure black or pure white lacquered body creates plenty of hidden storage, making a continuous effect, only interrupted by the open storage compartment that breaks the door sequence, giving it a twist.‎ Three doors with one shelf on the inside.‎