How Maison | #002FA7

5月 28, 2019    1,325

Maison Shanghai is a concurrent exhibition for buyers to source Lighting and Home Decor products. 

Date: 9-12 September 2019

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC)

The International Klein Blue (IKB): #002FA7, was developed by Yves Klein, and the monochromes of this great French artist has become one of most influential icons in the world which has been applied in every art form worldwide. These heritages of Yves Klein repainted the mysterious character of blue color so that it has been regarded a represent of both claim and torrent, melancholy and sprightly, barren and wishful.

Capturing this emotional color, exhibitors of Maison Shanghai have explained the mysteries of BLUE through the best design of decorative products.

1. WE Gallery – Maison Essential #H1G06

2. Hung Hei Mei Shi – Maison Essential #H1B32

3. D.SKY HOME – Maison Essential #H1F01

Furniture China visiting badge is available to Maison Shanghai.

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Traffic Tips:
You can take shuttle bus between Furniture China and Maison Shanghai.
It comes every 5 min, and takes 15-20 min drive from one to the other one. 
Free of charge.