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We’re delighted to announce the opening of FC Hub” in accordance to celebrate Furniture China’s 25th birthday!

We’re hoping to gather people from across the globe with the same interests in furniture and furniture-related industries to share their experiences and expertise on this platform, raising the social interaction between Furniture China and our cherished you to a whole new level.

On this platform, you’ll receive…

  •  The latest fair news

    • 2018′ performance & wrap up
    • 2019′ registration period & price
    • Forums & activities
    • 2019′ floorplans
    • Shanghai Travel guide
    • Social campaigns
    • More…
  • Introduction of quality exhibits at FC2019
    • To run you through a virtual tour before the show

Follow us on social media for a full-range exhibits preview and participating in exciting campaigns.

Come discuss your thoughts with us. Your opinions and profiles might be seen by tens of thousands of your peers, suppliers and customers!