Hangzhou, China


We used high technics to weave this fabric in order to have the unique shapes and constructions. You will always like it and have your house hug good taste and quality.

The creativity、imaginatio and creativity of textile people are proudly showed to the world. This fabric can be used for drapery or other soft furnishings. You are worth to keep and love it.

On the one hand the jacqaurd ground design is the flowers with vaulted ceiling looks arbour and the other hand thedigital design is a collage of masterwork of Caravaggio with new vision of reproduction. This eclectic fabric design is great pomp with the name of Renaussance.

Base seems rustic and ruin vibrations and with printed colours the fabric looks like as stones in the deep of ocean which are waiting the time pass on them with mossing remains. Mixed designs, mixed technique and mixed of words make this fabric.