Edge is a sofa series characterized by an energetic, dynamic yet elegant sweeping line cut across a humble solid body. Edge is available as 3 seater sofa and an armchair.

iZO is a freestanding chair finding inspiration from the EDGE sofa series. While they share the same DNA of design details, iZO is unique by itself. The lines of EDGE paired with its crafted woodwork structure adds a down to earth elegance and simplicity to complement any given space.

Edge-W is a chair with armrests to complement the Edge sofa series. The Edge-W combines simple and minimal elements of upholstered seat, back and armrest, coupled with a unique modern styled wood frame to complete the design.

The iZANO sofa is a clean and light minimalist sofa. iZANO aims to be understood and fit in easily in any space. iZANO blends a combination of woodwork and metalwork in its structure and through it presents the synergy that contemporary furniture can bring to any given space.