Modern design concepts with stainless steel decoration, shows its remarkable fashion taste; clean and crisp lines ensure that the sofa is unique; sofa is tall and straight, fashionable and elegant; use the first-class mental parts and fabric, and inset the high density sponge, bring people comfortable and enjoyable feeling, which is especially suitable for the wide consumer.

Combined new classical with modern and elegant design, special technique about the matching for the color, will make you love it at the first sight. Pure body color matches its full and thick sitting and also with its decoration of gold rivet, shows the delicate beauty; light color pillow is also the striking point. It attracts people’ eyes immediately.

The sofa is seated in the center of living room, as if seeing a kind of retiring attitude. The selection of the superiority fabric and match the purple color, indicating the owner’s remarkable taste. Simple and fashion: clean lines lay a modern and fashionable foundation, pure purple color make the space looks more clean, spacious and sprightly.

The matching of orange and off-white color make it more simple and easy in the elegance. The majority warm color is with sunshine feeling, a warm combination is a timeless classic. The cushion is with high density sponge and small doll cotton, which can make you relax and it won’t deform easily. The cushion is thick, elastic and durable.