ARTSOME (Zhonghao Group)


Living room set
Timeless yet contemporary, classic yet cutting-edge, and unique blend of luxury and comfort makes this room an ultimate experience.

Living room set
A dramatic setting inspired by movie, and the glass with shimmering silver-leaf cocktail table, curving mellow velvet chairs and mirrored cabinet, table lighting with art deco accessories.

Leather Sofa
We use top grain leather, which is the most luxurious in the world. Each piece has undergone a special 5 week tanning process involving natural oils to give it a beautiful finish. To produce our Vintage leather, our craftsmen carefully hand finish each piece in a variety of ageing processes, each taking a considerable amount of time and detailed work.

Living room set
The use of any leather maintenance product is not recommended, as they are likely to damage the patina or remove the oils from the leather. For regular maintenance, dust or vacuum occasionally, or in hot, dry weather, use a soft, slightly damp cloth and neutral, non-aggressive soap, and wipe gently without rubbing. If the leather starts to feel overly dry, apply a small amount of baseline or glycerine with a cotton cloth, allow the leather to dry, and then polish gently with a dry cotton cloth. This will restore the natural feel of the leather.